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About BeCREO Technologies

BeCREO Technologies

BeCREO Technologies limited is a Polish IT company. We create and produce innovative educational materials for schools, kindergartens, and home users.

Learning programming and mechatronics

Our solution is based on the latest technological achievements used in education and working in STEAM methodology.

We create teaching programming and mechatronics solutions that support pupils, teachers and parents.

Teaching through experience

Our philosophy

The holistic vision of education that we implement, combine the real, physical world that is all around us with new technologies, like AR (Augumented Reality).

Safety and teaching through experience are our main goals in traditional,as well as in remote and hybrid education.


Created to inspire

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Learning programming

content-imageScottie Go!

The educational series of Scottie Go! games is an interactive course for learning the basics of programming, available in 21 languages.

Scottie Go! is a hybrid solution that combines advantages of a board game and a course in the application. Scottie Go! game contains innumerable adventures of Scottie – the alien who stole students’, teachers’ and parents’ hearts all around the world!

We learn and play at the same time, preparing programs from cardboard blocks we create the code by following the guidance in the application. We test how the program works just by scanning the blocks.

Games from the Scottie Go! series are appreciated all around the world. They teach the most valuable competencies of the 21st century through gamification.

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Mechatronic and construction

content-imageBeCREO kit

BeCREO kit is an interdisciplinary construction electronic set equipped with an application course for students. It is an excellent teaching aid with a full methodical enclosure.

Constructional kit with Arduino board, sensors and accessories to teach basics of programming and mechatronic with elements of robotics. Using BeCREO kit enables to realize the core curriculum through constructing and programming electronic systems and technical models in STEAM methodology.

Original application in a form of an application allows fast and safe implementation of numerous projects, such as Smart City or alarm system for Inteligent House.

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We create the future of education

With a sense of responsibility for the future of children all around the world, together with our partners we are doing our best to make our solutions meet the highest standards of safety and functionality.

We cooperate with scientific research units, such as the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center or Copernicus Science Centre as well as with teachers in Poland and teachers all around the world.

Thanks to our Partners, children in more than 70 countries learn the basic of programming with Scootie Go! as well as mechatronic and robotics with BeCREO kit.


STEAM Education

BeCREO Technologies products and solutions are created in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathemathics) methodology.

It enables to create the space for experimenting, asking questions and finding answers for them independently. The teacher educates interdisciplinary, as a mentor and the student develops core competencies through experiencing the world and science.

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